Celebrating 100 years
of sweets and
chocolate production

Toms Group is deeply founded in Danish social culture and confectionery history. Grounded in these roots, we take stage on the global platform for sweets and chocolate. We insist on sustainable changes and quality products – always delivered with a smile.

Collaboration and Creativity
since 1924

Come explore our cultural heritage. Over the years, thousands of dedicated employees have contributed to shaping Toms Group. This makes us proud, and we would like to share the historical moments.

Ownership and Brands

Toms Group provides sweets and chocolate experiences through well-known brands and unique products.
We originated in Denmark and today, our presence extends across large parts of the world.

and Production

New technology and the development of machinery have been defining for the entire confectionery industry.
Toms Group has played a vital role.

over the Years

A smile, a creative perspective, new knowledge, and surprises served with a twinkle in the eye have always been elements in the marketing of our sweets and chocolate.
Valentines Menu

The International Journey

International businesses began early, bringing our unique products to large parts of the world. From the beginning, the focus has been clear and targeted.
Toms lastbiler
Anton Berg Messe

Changes that make a Difference

We have played a role in establishing chocolate quality standards – in a broader sense. We insist on sustainable development from farmer to consumer and from rainforest to city.