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International businesses began early, bringing our unique products to large parts of the world. From the beginning, the focus has been clear and targeted.
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Export Success without Cocoa

World War II and the years that followed presented significant challenges for chocolate manufacturers. Cocoa deliveries ceased entirely, and chocolate rationing persisted until 1953. Like others, Toms experimented and sold substitute products, but chocolate and marzipan flavors are not easy to replicate, and the success of these alternatives was not overwhelming.
However, Victor B. Strand learned that the English were in short supply of fat and sugar, and in buildings behind Toms’ factory in Amager a massive production of baking masses based on sugar and milk fat was initiated. These were products completely without cocoa. Tons of baking masses from Toms’ factory were exported to England until the early 1950s. This business ensured the capital for future investments.

On a Journey with Anthon Berg

In 1956, Anthon Berg accompanied the Danes on their travels, when the marzipan loaf was introduced for sale on the ferry from Copenhagen to Landskrona. Later that year, it could also be purchased on SAS flights from Copenhagen. From there, things progressed fast: Toms, Anthon Berg, Ga-Jol, and Pingvin established a strong presence in border shops, ferry shops, and airport stores.
The so-called travel retail trade was established and accelerated alongside the Danes’ holiday travels across Europe in the 1960s and 1970s. It turned out that especially the exclusive Anthon Berg products had international potential, and today, Anthon Berg holds unique positions in airports worldwide.
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Successful Trade Shows

Toms Group’s modern export business expanded from its first participation in the “Internationale Süsswaren-Messe” (ISM) in 1975. The ISM trade fair is to this day one of the most important platforms for showcasing products and establishing contacts and sales contracts with significant international customers.

Throughout the years, numerous Toms Group employees have worked hard with the creative exhibitions that each year capture the attention of major international customers.


The Liquor-filled Bottle – Flagship of the Future

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Chocolate containing spirits have been around for over a hundred years and have taken various forms. Early on Anthon Berg established licensing partnerships with renowned spirit brands, giving Toms Gruppen a unique position as one of today’s leading suppliers of liquor-filled chocolate.
In particular, the liquor-filled chocolate bottles showed potential as Toms Group’s international business grew towards the turn of the millennium. Today, Anthon Berg offers liquor-filled bottles in countless variations, from cocktails to whiskies and more.